Una Historia

Amigo Wifi S.L, is the fruit of a business idea that materialized and has been developed for the last 13 years. I would like to confess that I consider myself lucky for having a profession that excites me; "I AM PASSIONATE ABOUT TECHNOLOGY", and that has been the case for the last 40 years; the first 20 years dedicated completely to the Design and Development of Commercial Software and the last 20 years dedicated to starting and Developing a Business in the field of Telecommunications.


CEO fundador, Investigador

Director de Telecomunicaciones

Wireless y VPN Conexiones Privadas

Administración de Redes

Comercialización y Marketing


  • Terminé Secundaria en 1983
  • Entre 1984 - 1987, Titulo Profesional de Programador de Aplicaciones Comerciales.
  • Entre 1987 - 1995, Un gran número de cursos y seminarios en diversas tecnologías, programación objeto, infraestruturas Cliente/Servidor, Base de Datos Relacionales y SQL Server, programación objeto, Visual Basic 6, etc.
  • 1996, Análisis de Sistemas, CRM, ERP
  • Entre 1997 - 1999, PosGrado de Ingeniería de Software, Universidad Ténica Federico Santa María.
  • 2005-2007, En España, formación en Dirección de Empresas.
  • Entre 2008 - 2009, Curso de Agente Comercial. Desde entonces pertenezco al Colegio de Agentes Comerciales en España. 


  • Creativo e Innovador
  • Motivación
  • Investigador nato
  • Emprendedor
  • Evalución de Riesgos
  • Planeación de Contingencias
  • Muchos Conocimientos Tecnológicos
  • Algoritmos para soluciones lógicas
  • Dirección de Proyectos IT
  • Idiomas:
  • Español - materno
  • Inglés - Hablado nivel alto
  •            - Escrito nivel medio
  •            - Técnico nivel alto

First I would like to rewind to the year 2004 and begin by commenting on one of the great MILESTONES in my life when I came to live in the Canary Islands, Spain; place where I live until today and place where I found a market niche based on a new technology and that I was sure would revolutionize the world and that in the future in the area where I would expand my business project I literally said “THE WILL COME MOMENT IN WHICH NO ONE WILL BE ABLE TO RENT ANY TOURIST APARTMENT WITHOUT HAVING A GOOD INTERNET CONNECTION”; that moment is now.

In 1984 in Chile; my native country, I completed my first technological studies, these allowed me to graduate as a “COMMERCIAL APPLICATIONS PROGRAMMER” in a PROFESSIONAL TECHNICAL degree; This was the starting point of my passion for technology, every day something new, EVERY DAY A LOGICAL CHALLENGE; EVERY DAY CREATE, CREATE AND CREATE; of course applying, at that time I participated in many IT projects, I must have designed and developed about 50 computer applications that allowed us to automate processes and help in administration, control and data collection, simplifying the daily tasks of company departments. and issuing structured reports to help directors in making decisions; It was at the beginning of 1991 when I STARTED FOR THE FIRST TIME and began setting up a COMPUTER CONSULTANCY to offer services to small and medium-sized companies, businesses and industries, these companies; MY CLIENTS were dedicated to a variety of different activities, to mention; MANAGEMENT OF HOTELS, DISTRIBUTORS, GAS STATIONS, HARDWARE STORES, TRAVEL AGENCIES, FACTORIES, LAW FIRMS, ACCOUNTING OFFICES, AIRLINES, TRAINING, ETC., in this stage as an entrepreneur and Advisor, I had technical personnel in charge, mainly programmers that I recruited until form the first TEAM, professionally at this time I performed the functions of PROJECT MANAGER, SYSTEMS ANALYST and PROGRAMMER, including the essential ones in every project; TAKING REQUIREMENTS, COORDINATION, TASK ASSIGNMENT plus all the operations and responsibilities that come with having your own business when working on your own.

Today when I remember and assimilate the experience of having participated in the implementation and implementation of computer processes for a variety of commercial activities of different companies, I see that it was here where the basis of my knowledge was laid in the necessary procedures that every organization must carry out, Thus, when implementing and computerizing, integrating functions and resources, such as the processes of BILLING, SALES, PURCHASES, INVENTORIES, CONCILIATIONS, ACCOUNTING AND TAX PROCESSES, ETC., I could go on and on detailing, many times I was in charge of different projects simultaneously, including design, structure, maintenance, training, support, especially many hours of code in a variety of applications. In these years, of course, I also carried out training through countless courses and seminars, until 1997, with new technological structures; "object programming", "client server" to name a few, they accepted my request and I attended a POSTGRADUATE SOFTWARE ENGINEERING, the classes were on Friday afternoons and Saturday mornings, the lecturers were real doctors in technology.

I will summarize many years and many topics to draw from, so I will only include some terms to identify the technologies that I have used in depth in the IT projects and solutions that I have participated in as responsible; COBOL, CPM, MS-DOS, DBASE, CLIPPER, 8086, 80286, NOVELL, LANTASTIC, VAX-VMS, SQL, LOTUS, WORDPERFECT, WORSTAR, PC-ANYWHERE, ONTRACK, FAT32, MACINTOCH, SCSI, ATA, IDE, OBJECT PROGRAMMING , CLINTE SERVER STRUCTURE, VISUAL BASIC 5 and 6, SQL SERVER 7 and 2000, REPLICATION AND DISTRIBUTION IN RELATIONAL DATABASE, JAVASCRIPT, ASP, HTML, WINDOWS 95, 98, WORK GROUP, VISTA WINDOWS SERVER 2003, 2008, 2012, 2019 , 2022, UBUNTU, WOR, EXCEL, ACCESS and OFFICE, NETSCAPE, SYMANTEC, ORACLE and OF COURSE MICROSOFT.

The year 2000, you remember the change of millennium; when computers would have problems, at this time I made my first trip to Europe, I was on vacation in Holland; country in which a sister, a brother and my mother reside permanently. At 38 years old, in 2004 I decided to emigrate to Europe and my destination was the south of the Canary Islands. At that time, there were no smartphones or many laptops. My first job was in the Canary Islands, it was in a cyber cafe whose location is in the place with the best climate in the world; This is what the millions of mainly European tourists who visit these beautiful islands say, here my English improved both spoken and written, expressions, customs, cultures are everyday, my clients are 80% foreigners. In 2010 I became self-employed (businessman and entrepreneur), I became the director of a cyber cafe whose business advantage was the exchange of foreign currencies (sterling pounds, Norwegian crowns, Danish crowns, etc.), it was at that time that my beta entrepreneur envisioned a need that I wanted to turn into an opportunity, after research, self-training, and many hours and hours I began to deploy my own wireless telecommunications infrastructure with the aim of becoming an internet connection provider, adding a new plus to the cyber business coffee. In 2011, CANCER forced me to leave the business, including work and projects; and thus receive the medical attention that this disease required, leaving the cyber cafe in the hands of my former boss; Of course he was the owner to whom I paid rent for the premises and the industry, an uncertain future for our family nucleus since I ran the business together with my wife and daughter. Life wanted my CANCER problem to be resolved; It wasn't easy, but happily we moved forward. When I can return to work life, I resumed my telecommunications project and transformed it into a business; The approach was different because although initially this emerged as a plus for the cyber cafe and currency exchange, now we had to develop it as a main activity and start from scratch; rent an office, establish commercial guidelines, hire installation technicians and have to define a new technological approach; WISP was the choice, thus AMIGO WIFI, S.L. was born, today the company has all the necessary licenses and permits to be included in the REGISTER OF TELECOMMUNICATIONS OPERATORS OF SPAIN, this allows that in addition to having my own infrastructure; a wireless network designed and supported to market under our own brand and through our own coverage.

A lot of research, training and some certification have allowed us to evolve, for example today we also market with our brand FIBER OPTICAL CONNECTIONS and INTERNET CONNECTIONS USING THE MOBILE NETWORKS OF OTHER OPERATORS, in 2019 I implemented a computer system using Cloud and Hybrid Virtualization allowing us to carry out all our administrative, accounting and technological management remotely, with this processes were standardized and automated, data entries were centralized and validated, allowing online access from any device Independent of their operating system, the connections of our clients, our infrastructure, including preventive maintenance and corrective maintenance, were simplified and are autonomously related to the profiles of our clients. The implementation forced me to redefine some environment in its topology, but above all I had to redefine the network structure to allow distributed interconnectivity by using services and protocols that would maximize the resources of our infrastructure, allowing it to be possible to install one of our COVERAGE NODES in any point of the globe where we can have an internet connection with the appropriate flow rate, using this same connection we will connect said node with our main infrastructure, accessing our application, Cloud services and profiles (subscriptions), then It will instantly return to the node the information that will assign the corresponding services and the parameters that correspond to it; speeds, roles, etc. RADIUS SERVERS, NAS, REPLICAS, VPN, L2TP, PPTP, PPPOE in addition to the installation of ROBUST and STABLE WIRELESS LINKS.

Today, at 57 years old, with a beautiful family, today living in a truly heavenly place and having stable health, I have decided to take advantage of the job opportunity that exists in the market thanks to progress and new technologies. MY PASSION I HAVE CLICKED ON MY ILLUSION , the last 4 years, I have dedicated them to personally using, analyzing, comparing and evaluating the various Cloud platforms; AZURE, GOOGLE, AWS, ORACLE, ALIBABA, this has allowed me self-training and an UPGRADE of my knowledge in new technologies, objectively I have formed a criterion of work environments, resources, availability of tools, costs, I have also investigated, used, tested, installing potential third-party applications and software specifically designed to simplify the administration, support and maintenance of computer systems including hardware, software, environments or operating systems, physical, logical and virtual networks, functions necessary in the different departments of a company, enhancing the base of my knowledge, which are the engine and fuel that are necessary to participate in Innovative Project Management, especially in creative activities. Of course, I have all the devices and technologies at my disposal, which I use as an expert level user. I just want to tell you that it will be a pleasure to talk to you and welcome if you have a job position where I can apply and meet the required expectations.


Creative and Innovative              Entrepreneur

Researcher Born