CEO fundador, Investigador

Director de Telecomunicaciones

Wireless y VPN Conexiones Privadas

Administración de Redes

Comercialización y Marketing


  • Terminé Secundaria en 1983
  • Entre 1984 - 1987, Titulo Profesional de Programador de Aplicaciones Comerciales.
  • Entre 1987 - 1995, Un gran número de cursos y seminarios en diversas tecnologías, programación objeto, infraestruturas Cliente/Servidor, Base de Datos Relacionales y SQL Server, programación objeto, Visual Basic 6, etc.
  • 1996, Análisis de Sistemas, CRM, ERP
  • Entre 1997 - 1999, PosGrado de Ingeniería de Software, Universidad Ténica Federico Santa María.
  • 2005-2007, En España, formación en Dirección de Empresas.
  • Entre 2008 - 2009, Curso de Agente Comercial. Desde entonces pertenezco al Colegio de Agentes Comerciales en España. 


  • Creativo e Innovador
  • Motivación
  • Investigador nato
  • Emprendedor
  • Evalución de Riesgos
  • Planeación de Contingencias
  • Muchos Conocimientos Tecnológicos
  • Algoritmos para soluciones lógicas
  • Dirección de Proyectos IT
  • Idiomas:
  • Español - materno
  • Inglés - Hablado nivel alto
  •            - Escrito nivel medio
  •            - Técnico nivel alto


Born August 12, 1966, in Chile, South America
I live in Gran Canaria, Spain, since 2004
Spanish nationality since 2017


More than 35 years dedicated to information technologies; always being a passionate researcher in all areas of computing and communications, I began my professional studies as "Systems Programmer and Analyst" in 1984, then a large number of courses and seminars until in 1997 I began studies in Postgraduate in Software Engineering, more than 20 years dedicated to the development of commercial applications. I have always directed projects in which we have designed, implemented and developed software, automating processes for the various administrative, control and management areas of companies, industries and private organizations in the various market activities and state agencies; mainly in budget accounting. In all these years I have implemented computer systems in a variety of technological environments, in various operating systems, programming languages, and of course in regards to connectivity; I can start by mentioning developments in; Cobol, Clipper/Dbase, Visual Basic/SQL Server since versions 7 and 2000. Regarding Lan networks, I started with Novell, Client Server Structures, Object Programming, Relational Database Structuring.


Starting in 2010, the analysis and vision of my environment at that time led me to found AMIGO CYBER; now AMIGO WIFI, from that moment TELECOMMUNICATIONS, became my technological and business project, I started implementing and expanding an urban wireless network, Laws, Licenses, Networks and Wireless Technologies, Marketing, Administration, Project Manager in countless projects I They have trained in various fields until they became an ISP or Internet Connection Provider. Between 2010 and 2015, we deployed our own wireless coverage in the south of Gran Canaria. In the years 2018 and 2019 we expanded our infrastructure to the municipality of Maspalomas, at this stage we also migrated to Cloud Computing technologies and registered the licenses and permits in Spain to be able to market with our own brand, internet connections over fiber optics and Mobile Data technologies ; 3G, 4G and 5G, as well as telephony, Iptv and Video Conference.

MY NEW CHALLENGE - 2023 - 2033

In March of the year 2020; During the confinement due to the pandemic, I began my training in New Technologies, so today I have the necessary knowledge and practical experience in the following technologies, Azure Environments, Hyper-V and Hybrid Virtualization, Azure AD, Azure Connect. VWare environments, Virtualization, Deployment in Servers and Cloud environments AWS, Google, Oracle, Alibaba, in Spain I have started to operate the Movistar Data Center, through the platform of the company Acens. I have dedicated the last 2 years to acquire knowledge of Security and Vulnerability, in 2021 I implemented the entire "ManageEngine" platform for network management, inventories, support, etc., etc. I am an expert installer of Windows Server 2022, including the Roles configuration, I started installing Windows Server from version 2003, advanced management of most of the applications used as work tools and presentations; Microsoft Office, Adobe Platform, Acrobat, Photoshop, Premier Pro. Lots of experience using Facebook Business; now Meta business, managed many ad campaigns using segmentation in market ad campaigns, political campaigns, among others.

A lot of training, more hours and hours of research, plus 20 years dedicated to software development, plus 12 years dedicated to telecommunications, always in the role of IT Project Manager and Director, have allowed me to evolve in various areas of the information and communication technologies.

Now 56 years old, a wife I met when I was 15 years old and with whom we have been married for 35 years, a 32-year-old daughter; who is also an excellent professional, I would like to tell you that I have prepared my whole life for this moment, give my best, supporting with all my experience the achievement of avant-garde technological projects that mainly innovate and apply using all possible resources, to shape and guarantee the new era of information systems.