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About Amigo WIFI

With 8 years of experience Amigo Wifi is an established company in the south of Gran Canaria, our hundreds of customers can guarantee the service and custom attention we offer. We continually renew and update our technology so that every day allows us to offer a better quality of service.

Our main objective is to connect thousands of tourists who visit our island with a service that suits their needs. 2019 will be an important year in the implementation of new technologies always under the concept that our customers can be increasingly satisfied.

IPTV System

IPTV is the new way to watch television. It is easy to use – just plug and play. IPTV does not need a computer or a satellite dish, IPTV only needs internet connection with a minimum download capacity of 3 a 5 megabits and you can watch television wherever and whenever you want. Amigo Wifi only gives guarantee to our Iptv service.



3 - 5 Megabits


Need a simple decoder and enjoy!

Our Best Value Bundles

We offer you our service without the need for a contract or a bank accounts. The installation cost is separately and will depend on the service you choose.



  • Internet AMIGO
  • Optical Fiber
  • 4G and 3G Routers
Packages from
30€Per month
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  • UK and Irish TV Channels
  • Scandinavian TV Channels
  • German/Italian TV Channels
Packages from
20€Per month
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Take advantage of your Internet

Unlike the internet, where we are the service providers, the television service is supplied by external providers that are specialists in these technologies and maintain a package of channels according to the needs of our market.

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More Great Reasons to Choose Amigo WIFI

To get started with AmigoWifi, please browse through our plans and let our operators know which one works for you the best!


Ultrafast and Ultra-reliable

We guarantee high-quality customer support service.

All Entertainment in One Place

Enjoy fun family nights and loud friends parties at your place!

Our Coverage

Currently our services are available in Puerto Rico, Arguineguin, Tauro, Patalavaca, Agua de la Perra, El Valle- Las Brisas-Vista Park, Playa del Cura, Amadores, Playa del inglés, San Agustín, Campo Internacional. The map below can help you with the areas of coverage:


Our Services

We offer you high quality tools that make your day to day comfortable and quiet.


Contact us

Contact us here through our email form, leaving your details so we can get back to you. Please don’t hesitate to write or call in case you need information about our services or have any questions we can answer for you.Below you can find our address and phones so you have all the ways to reach us. Thank you!


    Frequent questions

    What offers Amigo Wifi?

    Amigo Wifi is a skilled company in the tourism and more specifically in solutions of connectivity for internet and TV.

    What is IPTV?

    IPTV Is the television by internet by means of a TV box that decodes the transmissions.

    What is a TV box?

    The TV box is a decoder that connected to internet will receive the signals of television.

    How I know if I’m in zone of coverage?

    To know if this in our zone of coverage have two options:

    1. Provide us the exact direction of his domicile.
    2. doing him a personal visit to his domicile.

    Which option recommends me to know if I am in his zone of coverage?

    The option to do a personal visit to his domicile is the wisest due to the fact that with the visit of a representative of Amigo Wifi you will be able to receive a more personalized attention.

    When concretizing the plan to purchase have to do some type of agreement?

    One of the advantages to use Amigo WiFi is that we do not require of agreement to start with to enjoy of our of our services, what if have are terms and instructions for use that will be supplied when hiring us, also will be able to find them in our web page.

    Which are the above-mentioned requests?

    These requests are some basic data that the company requests such as: name, direction of domicile of installation, email, number of telephone and country of origin; these will be for our database.

    Any offices?

    We have offices in:

    C.C. Local Puerto Rico 208

    928725 725.

    C.C. Botanico Local 124

    928562 161.

    When calling to the technical service will receive some charge?

    If the problem has like root a direct problem of Amigo Wifi will not make any type of charge

    If the problem is occasioned by the customer such as: disconnect the equipment and badly connect them, damages by part of the customer to the devices like router, TV box, antenna or wiring, then will make a charge of €20 by visit of the technician more the corresponding equipment affected.

    If move of domicile has to pay again the installation?

    If it does not possess the corresponding teams if, earned €140 like new installation

    If you possess the teams only earned him €40

    Which are the methods of payment?

    It can pay by available terminal, effective in our offices or banking transfer, soon it will be able of payment web

    How it structures the method of repayment?

    Type Minors to 6 months Greater to 6 months
    Internet €20 for hire monthly (antenna and router Without rent
    Television €10 for hire monthly (box of TV) Without rent


    To keep the price will have to be continuous payments, if it jumped a payment will lose the deposit

    Happened the 6 months the equipment will belong to the customer, is his decision if it wishes the deposit of turn or keep the teams

    The sportive channels are included in the plans of IPTV?

    Amigo Wifi only offer channels of open signal in the countries that cover.

    In the plan IPTV40 that channels offer?

    The plan can conform by different packages of television.

    What is a package of television?

    The packages of television are groups of channels predetermined of countries such as:

    UK, Ireland, Italy, France, Germany, Finland, Norway, Denmark, Sweden, among others

    Of these mentioned structures of the following way:

    Scandinavian package Package UK Package EU
    Sweden, Denmark and Norway England and Ireland Italy and Germany


    What includes the Scandinavian package?

    The package of Scandinavian channels is a group of the most requested channels and extracted of the packages of Sweden, Norway and Denmark

    I can choose that channels wish to hire until arming a package of IPTV40?

    The packages of television already are predetermined, is thus that cannot extract specific channels

    Which are the plans of speed that offer?

    We offer plans until 10MB

    Can change the plan of speed once hired a specific plan?

    No, only we have of speed of 10MB for our customers

    My speed is not the one who hire, what happening?

    When working with wireless networks have to comprise that they are signals that send to antennas which can have interferences at hours specify of the day, this solves  with the visit of a technician to verify that it is generating the interference and like this can solve the problem.