1. I agree to pay the price specified above.
  2. I accept that Amigo WiFi provides the installation of the Internet service and the provision of TV channels through a compatible decoder.
  3. Amigo WiFi offers warranty only for Internet services, TV and equipment provided by Amigo WiFi.
  4. Amigo WiFi accepts no responsibility for the function or reliability of any third-party device (such as TV boxes supplied by other providers) connected to its network.
  5. Any call related to the function of equipment and / or services of third parties is beyond the responsibility of Amigo WiFi and will incur a charge for the technician at home, this means, if any Amigo WiFi service is in malfunction Any bad connection made by the user will lead to the aforementioned charge.
  6. Friend’s Amigo WiFi TV service is provided “as is”. While Amigo WiFi will take all reasonable measures to guarantee the reliability of the service, the IPTV service is originated by an external provider and occasionally it may be out of the control of Friend WiFi.
  7. Amigo WiFi provides Internet connections with speeds of up to 10 Mbit / second. This type of connection have different conditions of use that are the following:
    1. Connections of up to 10 Mbit / second are suitable for general Internet browsing from one to four devices at a time.
    2. Amigo WiFi offers an IPTV service that is guaranteed to work on the 10Mbit / sec connection.
    3. Third-party IPTV services can work with the 10 Mbit / second connection, but such use only runs under the user’s risk and Amigo WIFi assumes no guarantee or liability for the use of said services or devices.
    4. Should any inconvenience arise with the IPTV services of third parties, Amigo Wifi will charge for the technician’s travel at home.
  8. Amigo WiFi can offer certain promotions or special offers that require a minimum subscription to be purchased. Any offer of this type may require the customer to pay in advance during the entire subscription period.